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Correct connection method of steel skeleton PE composite pipe

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中国福彩app下载Correct connection method of steel skeleton PE composite pipe

中国福彩app下载The construction personnel with rich construction experience all know that the quality of pipe connection plays a very important role in the final construction quality of pipe, the address of , so, in the process of pipe connection, we must be able to ensure the correctness of pipe connection method, the following we will focus on the steel skeleton PE composite pipe. We should give a brief explanation of the correct connection method.

中国福彩app下载(1) Before the butt flanging position of the steel skeleton PE composite pipe is completely cooled, the flanging is removed with a spade knife, and the regularity and leveling of the butt joint are maintained carefully.

(2) Grinding the surface of the two ends of the pipe to be joined, removing the oxide layer on the surface, and treating the inner wall of the pipe in the same way.

PE steel skeleton composite pipe address


(3) After full cooling, the cooling zone at the nozzle end of the fused pipe and the fused connection post are sealed and treated by hot-blown PE welding, so as to guard against the contact between the heating wire and the external medium.

中国福彩app下载(4) In severe technical conditions, the docking time is calculated. After the docking area is cooled sufficiently, the orientation of the device is pre-marked manually. The pipe fittings are pushed back to the welded seam to mark the orientation by hydraulic cylinder, and the welding operation is carried out after acknowledging the correctness.

(5) Strict skill cooling time should be maintained after welding, and clamp locking should be maintained. It is forbidden to disturb the pipe or carry out other working procedure operation on the pipe without regular skill time.

Mastering the correct connection method can help us to carry out the construction operation accurately, also can speed up the construction process of the pipe from all aspects, save a certain amount of time for the construction and ensure the quality of the pipe construction.

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Liaoning Zhong Ji Technology Co., Ltd.

中国福彩app下载Contact: Manager Wang

Tel: 18004275506

Eighteen billion four million two hundred and seventy-five thousand five hundred and nine

中国福彩app下载Tel: 0427-6515296

Fax: 0427-6515299

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中国福彩app下载Zip code: 124200

中国福彩app下载Address: Dawa Lingang Economic Zone, Panjin, Liaoning


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