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Buried Polyethylene Pipe for Gas

Detailed introduction


中国福彩app下载Buried Polyethylene (PE) Pipeline System for Gas

中国福彩app下载Product introduction

中国福彩app下载Buried polyethylene pipeline system for gas is a new type of pipeline material in the field of urban gas supply and distribution network. It is a new energy-saving and material-saving product which is popularized and applied in the Eighth Five-Year Plan.

中国福彩app下载In recent years, plastic pipeline has achieved great success in the field of gas transmission and distribution because of its reliable performance, low price, fast and convenient construction.

Product characteristics

(1) Good material and reliable performance

中国福彩app下载The raw materials produced by Nordic chemical, British and Daudal factories are selected to be dried and transported through centralized drying system, so that the pipeline has good corrosion resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, distortion resistance, friction resistance, impact resistance and earthquake resistance.

(2) large traffic volume

The inner wall is smooth and the friction coefficient is small. It can improve the medium flow rate and increase the flow rate. Compared with the same diameter metal pipeline, the flow rate can be increased by 30% and the power consumption can be saved.

中国福彩app下载(3) convenient connection

The strength of hot-melt butt and electric-melt joints is higher than that of pipe itself.

(4) economy and durability

Compared with the metal pipeline, it has high strength, good flexibility, long service life of 50 years, saves the cost of renewal and maintenance, does not exist pipeline perforation caused by electrochemical corrosion of steel pipe, and avoids the occurrence of malignant accidents.

Advanced Equipment and Quality Assurance

It adopts the world advanced extrusion production line, equipped with the most advanced automatic feeding metering system and on-line wall thickness control system. The diameter of the production pipeline is 20-500 mm. Through the real-time monitoring of meter weight and ultrasonic on-line detection system, it ensures that the single weight of the pipeline is constant and the wall thickness is even.

中国福彩app下载Pipe standards:

The products are manufactured in strict accordance with the national standards of GB/T 15558.1-2015 and are extruded once by special equipment. The quality is reliable and can meet all kinds of requirements for gas transmission.

Tube color:

PE gas pipes produced by our company are black and yellow stripes, which can also be decided by both suppliers and consumers through consultation.

Pipeline connection and installation:

Polyethylene gas pipeline is joined by butt welding and hot melt welding. Butt welding, no pipe fittings. Fusion welding is usually suitable for pipelines with diameter less than 63mm, where butt welding is not easy to construct, and pipeline leak repair and maintenance.


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Liaoning Zhong Ji Technology Co., Ltd.

中国福彩app下载Contact: Manager Wang

Tel: 18004275506

Eighteen billion four million two hundred and seventy-five thousand five hundred and nine

中国福彩app下载Tel: 0427-6515296

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